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Advice from CSA was to sell my house and pay!

Me and my ex have a agreement in place snice 2005 so I pay 260pcm now that am married she want 381pcm as she has a man and a child with him wild still getting everything off government but still want more I told cms I can’t give what I don’t have I have my own family to look after as I fly when I can to see my daughter and buy everything she want online and send to her the response I got was ok sell your house and car and pay your child maintenance what a silly old fat cow I told her get off your ass and get a real job stop trying to take everything a man works for to better himself she like we’ll she is your daughter I say no way your lieing I have been paying snice 2005 when she was born and your just telling me that now what a fucking fat old cow.

One thought on “Advice from CSA was to sell my house and pay!

  1. The CSA have no authority to advise you to sell your house, pay by credit card etc as they not governed by the FSA. You may need to challenge what they said you owe in any case.

    Email me on [email protected] if you want to discuss matters further.


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