Advice with CSA arrears

January 9, 2011

I had acrued arrears with the csa due to having no work over a period of years. Yes i see its my fault so have been paying the debt off. I have just informed them of a change of circumstance, eg my wages are now less due to price work being abolished where i work so im on basic salary now. Also my son is now 19. i sent the relevant paperwork to them at the end of November. I have called them today, 30th dec 2010 to enquire about my case.

They say it hasnt been done due to the backlog over christmas!! also have informed me that i now owe £14,000 in arrears!! i asked how come when the letter i was holding in front of me dated feb 2010 stated my arrears stood at £9;227, they said it was nothing to do with them and its the accounts dept that do the assesment. I asked why its gone up, but they keep saying “well thats what it says on the system” Dont understand how they can send me a letter saying one thing, then tell me something different. Im already paying £121 a week which is crippling me financially. i cant earn enough to pay them and my bills as they dont take into account any other bills or debts you have. This seems to be not a problem to them, the fact that my standard of living is now getting toward the bread line and if things dont change, i will loose my home and my children, who i have every weekend will no longer be able to come to me because i dont know where i will be living, then that ends up!

costing me more as i will lose the allowance for shared overnight stay. Im really at my wits end and dont know where to turn. Is it legal to put one parent into poverty? its not that my ex wife is hard up she lives in a house with no rent or mortgage . i need help tpo try and fight this Dave


  • Bill McAlester says:

    Best thing yopu can do is get down to the Court and get a Forn N245 and ask a Judge to set how much you pay to your arrears, it stops all enforcment dead, the Court will look at all you have to pay out. What they cant do is intervean in how much your assesment is without arrears.Good luck

  • Sylvia Dunai says:

    I hate CSA sooooooo much, and I hate it even more when they use the excuse "that's what it says on the system"!!!!! grrrrrrr

  • Sylvia Dunai says:

    CSA don't care if you lose shared care. Their aim is to destroy everyone, NRP, PWC (in other individual situations) and the children as well!!!! Their goal is to destroy families and society.

  • Sylvia Dunai says:

    Also, CSA staff are sooooo inconsistent that every time you call them with the same question, you will get a different answer from every one of them who answers the phone. Once one of them said to me "Sorry, I can't tell you that information due to the Data Protection Act" but NEXT DAY another person actually told me the answer to my question without me even asking the question! haha This is what I call "data protection"…. I guess this is how info leaks out from them to both PWC and NRP because these people are so inconsisent. What one staff member won't tell you, call them next day and the other person will tell you! haha What a joke!

  • Peter Anderson says:

    You state: "I had acrued arrears with the csa due to having no work over a period of years". But were they notified of your change of circumstances and did they change their assessment? It sounds like you are just like most of us, circumstances changed, out of work etc, but the CSA refused to change the assessment. Write (do not phone) asking for a full breakdown of the arrears and all assessments. When was the last assessment done. Also write to DWP Longbenton and ask for a complete copy of your CSA file under the Data Protection Act. Specify that you require the computer log properly dated. Are you paying by DEO, or are they now threatening you with this? A DEO can be set aside by making application to your local Magistrates Court (Family one). If no DEO then do as Bill, above, suggested.

  • Craig Bulman says:

    If you were out of work at the time you need to get hold of your P60 mind you they are far to lazy to use you your NI they could get the info themselves. I left the army in 2002 and they say that I owe them from 2002 – 2003 I said that I was out of the army and was not in employment they said that I should have informed them – it would seem that they do what they want. Sue Waldron of Plymouth CSA said that I have to pay – well who the fuck is she? thats another for my hit list (O:

  • John says:

    The usual from me. See your M.P., involve the independent case examiner and write and complain to the CSA with regard to inconsistencies in calculations and ask for a clerical review of your case.

    Malaministration is rife amongst CSA staff!

  • Kev Blythe says:

    Since its inception in the early 1990 it has become nothing more than a refund mechanism for the DWP / Government. They bang on about getting kids out of poverty, what about the NRP they force below the poverty line because of their Incompetence or are it the EDS computer system.

  • Natalie Lawrence says:

    They are bastards , end of. My partner's horrible ex sneakily rang CSA eithen though he was tgrying to arrange a payment with her, straight away they started to take £300 from his £800 wages ! That was also 'arrears', so we can't even pay our bloody bills each month! And the best bit is….. take a guess…… she stops him from seeing the kids as soon as her pocket has been lined… grrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • dave says:

    Thanks for the comments 🙂 i have followed your advice and
    have made a formal complaint to them, they called me back the very
    next day!! now if only the CSA were all as effective as the
    complaints department! anyway i had an accountant from the CSA call
    me and explain that there was a problem with my case, i asked why
    did i get a letter telling me i owe £9k and now was being told 14k?
    he said the computer system has been wrong for a long time and has
    not been taking the correct amount of money, from thousands of
    people,( the case workers take it as gospel that what the computer
    says is true and cant be questioned) this is why when he worked it
    out he got it to 14k! basically its the computer systems fault that
    i have been underpaying and now have to pay nearly 5k more than i
    thought i had to 🙁 couldnt possibly be the data entry could it,
    because we all know that machines are going to take over the world
    and they are now becoming self aware and are making decisions by
    themselves……………. utter bunch of ****!

  • Paul Graham says:

    Sounds like my ex Fiona Gordon from Carlisle she getting £300 a month off,me thru csa and also works cash in hand for her brother and also claims benefit even tho her partner works so they get rent,and paid and also she stopped me from seeing kids,because I got a new partner. Money grabbing bitch.

  • Juliet-Amber Jolliffe says:

    Paul – can't you report her to benefit fraud? I hate people that milk the system when so many of us are working hard every day to survive.

  • Paul Graham says:

    Done that but they don't do owt as she is a blue giro ie A Grass for the DHSS she informs them of benefit cheats in Carlisle and she can do owt she wants. Makes me sick as iam struggling to pay my bills and getting deeper in debt.

  • mayb u shud do exactly the same as her.become a grass,ud prob make

  • mark says:

    thanks everyone on your comments and advice to the person who lead the thread, i to have been stung badly in recent times – i don’t see my son, i was left with 20k debts by my ex, didn’t get a penny from the house, she’s now remarried has a lovely house by all accounts approx 60k goes into that house – i’m at the point of bankruptcy i have recently relocated with work because the csa made it impossible for me to survive in london – as a result my wages have dropped dramatically and yet my assessment has gone up – i too am now saddled with arrears which are crippling me – latest assessment is 50% of my wages as of next month – i was contemplating jumping in the river until i read these postings – its a disgrace when i’m told by a friend who works in benefits that id be better off chucking in wok and claiming jsa..
    as said thanks guys – as to the grass in carlisle – can you disclose a name i have contacts who can look into this and raise issues.

  • dave says:

    my csa case has been reopened, it was dropped in 2006 and reopened in 2010. i have got my case notes which state i owed 1100 of which i paid off 500, the case was dropped because i was a contract worker and paying my ex-wife more than the csa judgement. it was reopened when i went on sick and the csa now claim there original judgement was wrong and i now have 4000 arrears, i know work part-time on minimum wage and am having 35% of my wages stopped. has anybody got any information on change of circumstances under these conditions. i am case sensitive and can’t speak to anyone at the csa as they never ring back

  • Fiona Gordon says:

    Paul Graham I have printed your statement and have decided to seek legal
    action. This is classed as slander. You will have me working for the SAS next.
    I have never read such utter nonsense. W

  • Fiona Gordon says:

    Paul Graham I have printed your statement and have decided to seek legal
    action. This is classed as slander. You will have me working for the SAS next.
    I have never read such utter nonsense. What on earth is a blue giro ?

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