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Advice needed on battle with CMS

The CMS have caused me so much drama over the years and they sent me a letter last year saying I owe them nothing then out of the blue are now chasing me for 6000 pounds of charges they wreckon I owe I have a letter to say nothing is owed they have sent a DEO order to my employer trying to claim this fake amount.

There is a flaw in there system coz when they did the switch over from CSA to CMS they are under a different name so they can try and make up fraudulent claims on closed accounts. They have made me homeless in the past because of draining my earnings by upping the amount every month I have also tried to take my own life and I was also told by a CMS case worker that they can take what they like and there’s nothing no one can do about it they have made people’s lives hell.

There was also an internal message leaked from the CMS saying that the CMS staff can now afford to have a group holiday from all the money they’ve took from people it’s discusting really. I have phoned them so many times only to be told I have no case and they can clean me out for good I’m horrified over this I’ve fawt back so I now have a battle with them so please does anyone have any advise on this?

2 thoughts on “Advice needed on battle with CMS

  1. Sadly, this is the CMS all over – the biggest problem is that you are male.

    There needs to be some level of reform on this, but there won’t be as they don’t give a crap about anybody.

    They are an evil group of f**kwits, and I’m sure that they get off making peoples lives hell.

    I wish you the best of luck.

    My advise to you would be to have a consultation with a solicitor, and then weigh up your options.

  2. Hi. I noticed your post was posted some time ago however I was wondering whether you were able to win your case and have the arrears written off? I am going through a similar situation with made up arrears!!

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