Adult children now know their mother kept them from their father

July 6, 2012

My partner is now 57 years old, he has two daughters who are now 26 and nearly 27, for 4 years approx back in 1996 he was firstly made redundant and then worked for himself not earning very much money during this time he paid no CSA.

Also all the years when his daughters were small he was always denied access to his daughters despite trying through Solicitors and the Court Process however his wife always maintained that the children didn’t want to see him, NOW after almost 20 years one daughter now 26 has connected with her father and after seeing the Court Papers she is very upset at not being in contact with her father all these years, and says her mother’s statement to the Courts at the time were not true and that her and her sister were always told that daddy did not want them in his life.

Well apart from damage to two little girls lives for several years, one could say all’s well now, however, because of the approximately 4 years when he did not pay the CSA they then calculated that he owed them some 40K odd pounds (can supply correct figures) and to this day he is still paying £525.00 per month and has to continue with this payment until March 2013.

Apparently his daughter finds life very tough and her mother will not help her at all even though apparently she gets the £525.00 each month, according to the CSA. I find this disgusting when the mother also has and always has had a very good paying job.

Should not this payment go to the daughters ??


  • jay. says:

    If the ex was on benefits, you probably find she will get no way near the amount your partner pays. But I agree, if the kids are now adults let them have the money direct, as it technically is for them and not the pwcs. If you think the arrears are incorrect, take what ever paperwork you have and see your mp asap as majority of arrears are incorrect before 2002 as records were not kept or updated. We are going through this ourselves and csa having to re-assess the whole claim correctly from 15 years ago!

  • chall says:


    jay is correct, if the PWC was on benefits she was maybe entitled to something in the region of £10 pw, the rest going to the Sec of State to off set the benefits the PWC was receiving.

    Was a penalty assessment in place at the time of the arrears or a proper assessment?

    It would be worth checking the assessment is correct regardless. But if a PA was in force, if correct info can be supplied for that period, the calculation can be converted.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

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