Admin mistake after admin mistake

January 6, 2014

Crikey, when I put in my last entry I wasnt expecting the abuse I got from Andrew Jones! I wish I hadn’t bothered now. But I must answer some of it.I DO WORK! and I go without pretty much anything quite happily to make sure my sons are catered for.

The ARP has ‘fallen off the face of the earth according to the CSA,who have done nothing but make admin mistake after admin mistake.The ARP hasnt been in touch since babydom although I have kept in touch with grandparents,who incidentally are estranged from him too.So please don’t beat me up.If you knew me you would see that I do not deserve it!


  • CSA warrior says:

    lets be fair here guys. there are some people that genuinely need help my war is always against the CSA but there are some on here and we have all read them that take the flat out piss. the good thing about a forum is we can choose who gets our help if you dont like what the person says dont help them. but it is a fact that the CSA screw both mothers and fathers alike.

    its what they do divide women and men think about it

    I am sure that Andrew has been of the receiving end of the CSA

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