Access to my child and the CSA

January 19, 2011

Firstly I have never had a problem paying maintenance. What I do object to is being targeted in the same manner they target what i’d consider to be a real absent parent. I have spent thousands on solicitors fees, many hours in court in a vain attempt to gain some reasonable contact with my child only to fail time and time again because the resident parent doesn’t want to get along for the sake of the child.

Contact is stopped, solicitor is phoned, back to court, contact resumes… then stops and the cycle continues until you can no longer afford to pay the legal fees that you have to pay because you cant get legal aid but the resident parent can. And all the time you are paying in some way towards that persons benefits, legal fees with your tax and then all your own legal fees and to top it all off… you have to pay the CSA too.

It is not a level playing field and its time that was addressed because money isnt the only thing a child needs… its both their parents.


  • brokenfather says:

    I’ve got your t-short too, as indeed have many other fathers.

    These vile disgusting child abusing mothers do not deserve to be allowed to be resident parents. I hope they all rot in hell ……

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