Absolutely disgraceful – please help!

May 12, 2013

I have been divorced from my husband for 16 years now,the break up due to him constantly having affairs, I left with 3 children aged 14yrs 10yrs and 18 months, I went to the CSA within the first six months and after many letters was eventually told that I would not be able to get any money as my ex-husband was not in work and lived off his police pension only, which at that time was in the region of £500 per month, my ex was a former policeman who was forced to take early retirement due to something he did elegally whilst serving in the police force,this was all while we were still married, he went on to have his own business working for solicitors serving divorce papers etc on clients, this was what he was doing when I finally left him, I dont think he declared his income to the tax man?

Although he claims he is out of work and lives solely on his police pension he has had a house built in the Bahamas and lived there for several months, he is now back in this country and has divorced again and now with someone else and have set up an insurance office on the local high street just down the road from myself, he told my eldest daughter now 30yrs old that he has put everything into his partners name as ‘he is not that stupid’ (his own words) so that I am unable to claim anything from him, I know he must have his own bank account as how else would he manage before he was with his partner, my youngest daughter texts him now and then and he says things such as ‘I’m on a job in Burton with a client at the moment’ so I know he is working, surely there must be some way of proving he is working, I.e by his national insurance contributions or something! In the whole 16 years I have NEVER recieved a single penny or had anything bought for our children from him, I think its absolutely disgraceful that I am left to struggle which I still am as my youngest daughter now almost 17yrs is still at home and still in education..please help!


  • mike hunt says:

    Is this serious or a wind up??

  • Lisa says:

    Jesus christ is this some sort of shitty joke? Really you need to move on love, get a grip and get a job stop expecting your ex to fund your lifestyle

  • terry scott says:

    Yep..its this f##king mentality that mothers are stuck on. Move on woman! get a bloody job and stop claiming you get money in benefits which WE have all paid for!!!


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