Absent Fathers Who Set-up Their Own Business Just Need a Clever Accountant

October 23, 2011

Boxing Day, 2001, I was left, literally holding the baby. My husband just walked out on me and our 14week old daughter, twin girls of 4 and 5 year old son. I didn’t receive a penny for years and battled to keep the matrimonial home, but even that was sold in 2006. My ex just took his share of the money and moved in with his girlfriend.

I had to start again. But still the CSA did nothing, even a visit to the local MP was useless. My ex started a successful building company but used a clever accountant, but how did the minimum salary pay for the jet-ski, Audi Q7, weekend breaks in Paris, all inclusive holdiays to Turkey? Then out of the goodness of his heart in 2007 he decided to pay £200 a month. This arrangement is not through the CSA. After the loss of his father in 2009, my ex inherited a few hundred thousand and raised my maintenance payment to £300 a month. I’ve continually contacted the CSA over the last 10 years, all to no avail. It would appear that if you learn to duck and dive the system, ie cash payments for extensions, putting profits into other businesses and properties the CSA leave you alone, it’s just far too complicated.

My ex pays himself in director’s bonuses, (I know this from when I was married to him) and this confuses the CSA. I realise it would be a very time consuming case to investiage and I guess they think at least I’m getting something, but £300 every calendar month is not alot for 4 children when their father quite clearly has a much higher disposable income.

Again and again I ring, I was told to ring at the end of September, they couldn’t work out what was going on. I rang last weekend, 7th October, only to be told to ring back at the end of October. So, it just goes on and on……………it’s demoralising.


  • karen bedford says:

    Fraud to the taxman and you – but the CSA does not care and I know that too, please join the facebook groups child support agencies failings and others for advice and support. Im a victim of this scam too but my case was closed so wont get the money I fought for and owed because it was given to a ‘mother’ who had a child with him after I left him – on benefits – never worked – doesnt want to work – lazy and has a child by another man! Ive worked and always did – wasnt justice, he and her both got the money while I got nothing!

  • tom says:

    Its not fraud Karen, its perfectly legal to start your own ltd company,pay yourself minimum wage, director bonus’s etc. Business’s all over the UK do it.
    As usual a blinkered opinion because you didn’t get your own way!!!

  • joanne shier says:

    At least you get something, some pwcs get nothing, and I’m one of them, my ex a true deadbeat, my kids don’t even get a birthday card which I would rather they get from their dad rather than fighting with him over money. I had the children too and so become my financial responsibility, their dads loss at the end of the day, raise your kids like your doing and they will make up their own minds with regards to your ex.

  • joanne shier says:

    And Karen, didn’t you on another post say you got 17,500 from the csa?

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