Absent father and the CSA dragging their feet over payments

November 13, 2010

In 2008 my daughter’s so called father had to leave threw social services assessing him he was a risk to my daughter who at the time was 3 months old ive made ever since so many calls to the CSA ive lost count the staff are rude and put phone down on you when you ask for a manager my daughter is now coming upto 3 her dad still hasnt seen her since he left he isnt aloud to unless he sees a therapist but still wont admit he has a problem so therefore he thinks he shouldnt have to pay for his daughter coz he doesnt see her which is wrong that is his own fault he cant not mine or my daughters and that mponey is owed to her im a single mum an i cant afford to work id loss everything but he lives at home with his mum an dad paying them 30 pound a week and thats it.

It makes me sick yet the CSA talk about if a payment isnt made within 7 days off the due date they chase the payer well its alot off b..c..p my daughters father started working in july i called them last month thats 3 months they never contacted him for i once again had to call them and chase it up im at the end off my teather and think i might just cut my loses and not bother anymore.


  • Brokenfather says:

    If you dont provide any financial support for your child why do you think the father should?

    It is both parents responsibility. Not the fathers alone or the tax payers for that matter.

    GET A JOB …..

  • Helen Rattray says:

    Go and see your MP. I made formal complaint about the rudeness of staff and it was taken up by my MSP and the CSA up held the complaint.

  • Richard Murray says:

    Leave the SO called father alone don't you think he has gone through enough if for what ever bollocks reason he is unable to see is young daughter , he cant be that bad you were quick to jump in bed .!! this is a common example of the start of a young mans life ruined for the leg over !!!!!!!!

  • Sylvia Dunai says:

    If a parent is a risk to his/her own child, then it's better for the child to be far from that parent.Also, if a NRP is sooooooooooo keen to see his/her child, he/she can go to cour and do his/her best to make a contact with the child. I understand that some PWC can turn very very nasty towards the NRP but we can't judge other people's life and situation over a story on the internet. Every coin has 2 sides plus we shouldn't judge others, especially if we don't even know them.My ex hasn't seen our daughter for a year now. He was voilent towards me and he also refused to give our daughter back to me, who was indeed living with ME, not with him. He's a bully and a control freak and in some situations such parents do mean a risk for their own child, even if you dont like it. We don't want another Baby P case or similar.

  • John says:

    Here here! The ‘made up’ ethos of tax credits should be abolished,

    The only reason that tax credits are handed out, are so the government can hunt down and criminalise men, and then state that they are ‘raising children out of poverty’. Financial arrangements between parents has nothing to do with government cretins!

  • lucy(my post you commented on) says:

    haha excuse me but you dont no my situation or how her father left me in 22,000 pound debt so before you judge me get off your high horse i have parental responsibility for my daughter he has a mental illness and is a risk to her not my fault is it and it isnt my fault he hasnt sorted help out for that id love to go back to work but id like to see you try being a single parent and provide for her and pay rent council tax and pay off 22,000 pound off debt some how i dont think you could not all single mums are the same so like i said get off yeh high horse and stop judging everyone the same!!

  • Allan Morrell says:

    a good comment… but it does raise the question about whether we can believe a post that ridicules the NRP or PWC!!!However! both the NRP and PWC acted in conception of the child… yet its the NRP that suffers financially for the wellbeing of the PWC…. and clearly the PWC…. why cant the funds go direct to a trust for the child???? because the PWC(in collusion with CSA) would prefer their own pockets lined at the childs and the NRP's financial and emotional expense!!!!!!How many PWC's can say they can defend this assumtion I make???

  • martin dell says:

    why is the father always in the wrong something dont add up here

  • lucy(my post you commented on) says:

    haha your a man yehself cant you read whats been said or something HES A NUTTER DUH!!

  • martin dell says:

    thank you for reminding me i have a penis what you say and what is are 2 diffenert thing my xwife try playing that card in court and lost when you read most of these post and yes ive got copys of all saved on here 90 percent of the time the mother want the money , does not want to let them have access and wants it there way all the time ,also play the card hes abusive or not a fit dad .

    which is a croc of shit because if was that bad you wouldent have got with him jumped on his dick , and had a child with him . the working person should get full custody of the children . they are the bread winners ,and would not need to claim for nothing instead all working people .i say this on ground there are some working mother been screwed by this bullshit system. . try and remeber the wrking class put roofs over there own heads which they work for .and have assessts to give the chlidren when they move on , but have everthing taken from them from a prencable which is never been proven and unlawful and push the working class on benfits down to the dead beat mums level

  • Jay O'Hara says:

    Sylvia – i just read your comments .. and whilst not everyones in the same boat … tell me WHO exactly should decide on when and how contact is maintained?? my ex pleads the same exact bullshit "dangerous this" and "frightened that" — when in reality ive never lifted a finger or threatened her or my baby .. its just a ploy so she can maintain control!!

  • martin dell says:

    and for the record you seem more concerned for the money rather then how not seeing the father affect your child . if your so concerned about hes mental illness .then you best to find another man to raise your child and hope your child doenot carry the mental illness gene– which if you keep slagging offf there father it will develop

  • Lee Hughes says:

    Unfortunately that is the biggest issue here, why is the PWC in the position that they can dictate to start with, disgraceful position. It should be assumed that all things are equal to start with. Why must I go to court to fight for my child rights?

  • Brokenfather says:

    Every tax payer has the right to judge you Lucy becasue we are paying for you and your child to live.

    I don’t see why having a nutter ex stops you getting a job.

    I don’t see why being left with £22,000 debt stops you getting a job.

    I don’t see why being a single parent stops you getting a job.

    So when you get a job and contribute to your own and your childs financial wellbeing, then, and only then, will you have justification for the father not doing the same. At lease he seems to have a medical excuse for not having one, you dont ….

  • lucy(my post you commented on) says:

    haha again you no nothing about my situation its easy for you to sit there and judge and i werent slagging him off i was pointing out why he doesnt see his child threw no choose but his own and as for money haha you judging again not every women is like your xwife money grabbers and as for finding another man to bring her up no thanks she has everything she needs i just dont agree with him living with his mother and not sorting himself which i am actually wanting him to do he either pays money to her or sorts himself out simple an for your knowledge the money i recieve for her goes into her child account so like i said get off your high horse.

  • Sylvia Dunai says:

    Jay, some PWC lie, that's a fact, but there are situations where the NRP was violent and that's another fact. We're never gonna have justice. CSA will always milk off fathers who pay regularly, or who dont owe a single penny, employers will always deduct the money from the NRP then not passing it onto the CSA or the CSA will not pay it to the PWC.PWC who genuinely rely on child support because they're on a low income suffer, whereas other bitches (PWC) who earn good money but the father is on a low income will get all the money spending it on luxurious things. Btw, a genuine and loving PWC will ALWAYS spend the child support on the child, not on herself, alternatively on paying bills as well as on the child, as its more important to make sure there is a roof over the kids' head rather than spending the entire child support on buying toys and unnecessary things for them. I'm sure every child would appreciate having a warm home with central heating, hot water, toilet facilities rather than getting the 1050th toy etc and the mother having rent arrears then being evicted. (This was an extreme example.)

  • martin dell says:

    you are 1 very angry person i thing you dident get the reponse you wanted did you

  • Miles O'Brien says:

    get a job she can’t even spell! Threw the csa did he??

  • d stevens says:

    Miles O’Brien
    You comment on a persons spelling when you yourself use a double ?
    Obviously you did not pay attention in school.
    Lucy is obviously a mother that puts her child first. Stay at home Lucy, look after your child, and let us tax payers including your own family put a roof over your head, because what we need is a country with more stable children with a loving upbringing. It’s not your fault that your childs father has left you to struggle.
    There are too many parents in society that dont pay for their children. Keep your chin up and ignore the people on here that obviously have been stung in the past and have no clue what it takes to bring up a child on your own.

  • Medley man says:

    My ex wife moved 100 miles away, never worked a day since kids were born, now she wants more than the 250 I give her per month, she get 146 tax credits per week, 45 child benefit , rent paid, council tax paid and still wants more! Ridiculous

    Get a job and PROVIDE for ur kid because right now I AM providing for him/her

  • rachel says:

    I don’t see why anyone would bother with the csa,I never lowered myself I brought my eldest two boys up without any financial support from their father,he didn’t want to contribute willingly so I didn’t want it,I went to work and paid my own way and paid off the debt he left me in which took years,but now my son’s despise him and have no time for him as they are now adults and have made up their own mind,what comes around goes around!

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