About to lose home and job due to CSA

July 31, 2012

My wife and I are about to lose our home and I my job due to a deo from the csa , I have never refused to pay , but the csa have decided they want £440 a month which I cant afforcd , my mortgae company say it wont take a lower amount and my employer says they cant help.

The child is 23 , im 47 ,my wife is , we cant get help with housing and the benefits people say I will have to wait 6 weeeks to claim after the event any way .

6 weeks without a job or a home , bankrupcy etc all for a £6000 DEBT.

The irony is that my tax etc from my wages is £800 a month so in the end the govenment will lose money


  • chall says:


    Why would you lose your job because of a DEO ?

    When and how did the arrears accrue ?

    Has a penalty assessment been in place at any time which has not been converted OR have you always supplied all the information the agency required at the time to enable them to make a proper maintenance assessment ?

    I note your taxes are around £800 pm, as such I assume you nett about £2350 pm. Does your wife also work ?

    The debt would still be owed to the CSA regardless of whether you are declared bankrupt.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

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