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A Small Stick to Beat Them With

Every one has heard or read stories of the incompetence of the CSA and its staff and at the end of these stories nothing ever changes, no matter how many times you complain at them. of course this is because complaints are handled internally allowing the CSA to protect itself. usually by responding with their own twisted interpretation of the law. BUT they are required to comply with laws other than child support law including The Data Protection Act which is Monitored by the Data Protection Registrar NOT the CSA so if they break this law there is someone else you can report them to in order to keep them in check. I hope my experience below is of help to all and if there are enough complaints of this  nature sooner rather than later something will be done.

During a long and very bitter battle with them i regularly had reason to complain about the amount of personal information they where passing to my ex-wife, in the end i applied for a data protection printout and a copy off all clerical records on my case “Complete and unedited”. obviously anything they dont want you to see they will blank out and tell you if it refers to another person so you are not allowed to see it, you have no way of telling if this is true but they do miss stuff. I went trough the sheets thoroughly and found entries containing telephone calls with her, her NI number, her telephone number & address and an entry where i had called in and been able to quote from a call they missed (an admission) plus details of mine that were incorrect. I made a formal complaint in the usual way and as usual was fobbed of so i went straight to th Data protection registrar. Ok the net result was that she got compensated which was a bit of an own goal but they also got their wrist slapped and have “improved procedures to ensure this error can not occur in the future”.  several year on they have no done the same again! i now have her back account number.

Clearly they can not be trusted with any sensitive or personal information. by all means if they do this to you complain at them but you will be given a pack of lies. I suggest you just go straight to the Data Protection Registrar and get him to come down on these people like a ton of Bricks

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  1. I have two sons Sam and Conna. Sam the eldest living with his dad my ex partner, and Conna my youngest son is living with me. I have been paying for my eldest son for the last year and bit through the CSA. My ex partner – Mr. Viccars – has not paid a penny for my youngest son whilst claiming to the CSA as being unemployed. He is actually doing three jobs cash in hand and not paying no tax. I keep talking to the CSA about this and they just keep telling me that I must carry on paying and taking Mr. Viccars word that he is still out of work. How can a man out of work not claiming benefit afford two cars, rent on a house and going abroad 6 times this year. All the comments above I have weekly told the CSA and they will not listen. They believe Mr. Viccars and not me, I only earn a small wage yet they are solely intent on destroying my life. It seems because I am paying it is easier to get money off me than chase Mr. Viccars. IN MY VIEW THE ONLY WAY I CAN GET OUT OF THIS IS TO LIE AND CHEAT LIKE MR. VICARS HAS BEEN, BUT THAT’S NOT ME. THE CSA IS A WASTE OF TIME AND TAX PAYERS MONEY MR. BROWNE OF 10 DOWNING STREET NEEDS TO WAKE UP AND GET THIS ORGANISATION ORGANISED. THE CSA WAS PUT INTO PLACE TO CATCH THE PARENT WHO WOULD NOT PAY HA HA NO I DONT FEEL LIKE LAUGHING.

  2. Well Miss Sampson welcome to the world of being an NRP to the eldest and because you wortk they take ,take,take, you are experiencing what ALL PAYING NRP’s experience who earn money, the CSA/CMEC bleed them dry!!!!
    I hope you realise now what it is like for the shoe being on the other foot!! Sounds as though they are treating him like they do the PWC and you the NRP, but i disagree with naming children and especially him, no matter what your bitterness or malice!!! Hmmm always makes me chuckle how when the woman becomes the NRP and is treated the way the male NRP’s are they don’t like it, welcome to the wonderful world of CSA/CMEC !!!!!

  3. Your more than welcome to have a look at ~ we also have a busy forum.

    afairercsaforall was created in April 08, the forum already has 540 + members ~ there is no membership fee and we request no financial contribution to aid the running of either website.

    We offer support both resident and non resident parents.

    Best wishes to you all for a Happy New Year x

  4. Best wishes to you all for a Happy New Year

    unfortunatley most NRP’s won’t be having a Happy New Year, it will be one of further misery and of little or no money, empathy is what is needed not silly traditional greetings that hold nothing but hurt to the vast majority of paying NRP’S.

  5. Hi SB,

    All admin, moderators, present/past CSA staff and our members on ~ forum, are tireless in our efforts to help, advise and support ‘ALL’ parents who have issues with the CSA.

    Personally, I do not consider it ‘silly’ to wishes others a Happy New Year – Since co founding our site, we have been privy to some awful cases, which genuinely deserve much better.

    Hopefully, this year we can help make the difference and make this year a happy one…

  6. Hi Chall thankyou for that information but i was merely pointing out that for most NRP’s it would not be a Happy New Year and merely another miserable one. I was also interested to see that you have had past and present csa staff on your forum,surely they are risking their positions/jobs by giving out information known only to government staff? or is it that they don’t do it in a way that breaches data protection or security?
    Good luck with your forum and in trying to bring about a change,for some of us who have been in the system from it’s conception, then it’s a tad too late but at least the up and coming fathers and those new to it will see the changes, if they can be bought.

  7. I told my local M.P. David Heath, that i had signed a contract to sell my kidney to prevent the CSA from selling my new partners house. True to form, i had no reply. Hands up everyone who thought theyd voted in anyone with a bit of moral fibre. I also told he Daily Mail what ive done and they said to call back once id actually done the deed. It,ll make a good story but they wont be getting it. Its illegal but what else can be done. i’m being ripped off as well by the CSA and dopey old judges go along with whatever they ‘re told because most of them are away with the fairies. anyway, my point is why dont you all send these messages of doom to one person, drive them mad, until they actually do something. All you gotta do is choose someone. any suggestions.

  8. While I agree that the CSA do make some foolish mistakes from time to time I feel that on the whole it is a good organisation to have in place. As a non resident parent I have no problem in paying for my child even though I have an especially volatile relationship with her mother. I think that financially supporting your child provides yet more proof, should they need it, that you were prepaired to go the extra mile for them. Too many children grow up being left short changed. I have always handed myself into them in a manor of speaking so have never had them chasing after me. I do think that it is unfair that payment is collected from people that had prior commitments thereby putting them in a situation of fianacial uncertainty though. Regarding the data protection issue I will get a copy of my files and check though that. I actually opened a seperate bank account to pay them over the phone by debit card and they have no knowledge of where | work. Just for the record I never have or would work for the CSA!!!!

  9. Please may spread the word and please let’s try setup a REAL COLLECTIVE RESPONSE to this mess.

    A protest March for fairness! on FEB 1ST 2014 @ 10 DOWNING ST and DWP Head office.

    Who’s in?

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