A personal vendetta

March 19, 2015

Hi I’m writing regarding my CSA case, I received a request for child support from CSA. I raised concerns and explained to CSA I was not the biological father, I meet the child mother when she was illegal in the UK and she had so many issues I was a little support for her.

CSA bEgan to chase my down for payment even when I had no home to live, I stopped working and recently when back to work.

During the period I requested for DNA testing which the mother refused, I made the request through CSA they told me that’s an issue for myself and the mother.

Clearly their is a personal vendetta, CSA attached £700 monthly to my earning clearly not taking in consideration any of my living expenses, I had to resign from work and will be homeless again.

I think it’s fair that in all cases CSA to investigate fully before acting on a mothers request of Child support. This issue left me with very distress thoughts and your support will be great full.


  • Moxie says:

    Thank you both for your support and advice, I manage to get my case withdrawn after informing CSA I was in the process of taken the case to family court for appeal, I stated my case and they speak with the mother of the child and she agreed to withdrew the case.

  • King Canute says:

    CSA aren’t interested in what is true. They just want money.

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