A complete nightmare!

October 11, 2014

My ex was advised he was 2000 in erears which he paid extra 100 month to clear .once it was paid they re calc it and i was given the new scedule i received the first payment last month at new amount and only half this month.

When i called to query this tday i was advised they were holding the balance as account on query and it looks like they iverpaid me by guess how much 2000 .im at a loss with this now its a complete nightmare and i rely on them doing job right.what can i do


  • Bill says:

    Close your case and come to a private agreement with your ex.

  • Richard Spencer says:

    Sorry but you can’t rely on them doing their job right, because they see it as a job and don’t realise they are having a massive impact on peoples lives.

    All you can do is go through the complaints procedure ….. not quite sure how many times I have said this today, on this website.

    You can try to deal with the csa over the phone… don’t. Get everything in writing, keep everything they send to you and keep a copy of everything you send to them.

    Here is the advice, again (it’s going to be a long process), write a complaint, go through the full complaint procedure (trust me this will take several years), keep everything they send to you. If you are still not happy (even if you are, ensure they carry out what they have said) go to the Independent Case Examiner. Even going to the ICE is not easy, you have to have been right through the csa procedures before they will take the case on (there are no short-cuts). When I got to the ICE it was then another year before they (after lots more letters to and from them) came up with a decision, and I know it’s difficult to believe, but it was in my favour.

    Stick with it, keep the documentation, keep writing to them when they do not respond within their own timescales, it will all serve as ammunition when you reach that glorious day when the ICE take your case on.

    I’m not going to say that the compensation is a great deal of money, but to get the ICE to say you are right and the csa are wrong is just ……….. priceless.

  • al says:

    Save yourself and your ex and your kids a lot of heartache and come to an agreement in the best interest of the kids (ie. seeing both Mum and Dad)

    Alternatively carry on with the csa fiasco and let them screw your whole family over. Unless you want rid of the Dad then sure continue using the CSA and he will be f***d off eventually.

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