A complaint about the CSA Bolton office

October 22, 2011

I wont go into detail, as it would appear that this is a site where people quite rightly vent their spleen, but nothing can or is doen about it.

I have been dealing with the CSA for 22 years, both as NRP and PWC.

I have finally come to the end of my tether with the Bolton Office who are without doubt the worst of the lot. Since April this year I have spent over 50 hours on the phone to them on a role reversal case, I havent had a penny as PWC but might get something in November, 30 weeks after applying. I have however had a letter demanding £100 in arrears, which they refuse to tell me when it is from or provide a breakdown. I have rang them and told them that I have no intention of paying arrears when the NRP owes me approx £3K in back payments. They dont seem to understand why I find their letters a bit annoying. Needless to say. a detailed complaint copied in to my MP today complaining specifically about the Bolton office.

Did you know by the way that if you have 2 cases with them, and these are in different offices, (mine are currently at Bolton and Dudley) they refuse point blank to speak to each other! Muppets!!


  • john smith says:

    CSA Bolton will quite happily speak to any of the other CSA offices, The other offices will not speak to CSA Bolton and constantly blame Bolton for any problems caused by the Agency. The Bolton office currently provides a better service to clients in that 82% of Bolton’s ~100K cases have had at least one payment in the last three months, The 2012 scheme currently has ~60K cases of which 71% have had at least one payment in the last three months. The 2012 scheme currently has twice as many caseworkers!

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