A 21-year-old girl is claiming to be my daughter – how would CSA back-payments work?

November 1, 2013

Hi I have been contacted off a girl who is now 21 and claiming to be my daughter. I am willing to do a DNA test and I am curious if I would have to pay back dated CSA?

I was contacted about 13 years ago by the CSA and I told them that the mother had been sleeping around at the time of the pregnancy, I never heard back from the CSA.

Anyone got any ideas? Many thanks Laz


  • Lisa says:

    I would think that a DNA test first is in order to make sure the child is yours, you can do this with the child concerned now she is an adult her self, to be honest if there is an open case with CSA and she turns out to be yours i would think more than likely they will chase you for any monies outstanding had they made an assessment when they contacted you years ago, unless of course you had it in writing that the child wasnt yours and the case was closed,

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