A £200 increase per month – how have they arrived at this sum?

February 1, 2014

I was accessed last year of paying the basic of £21 pr month as I am a pensioner. I also have a small private pension which I advised at the time. I also told them that the children stay with me and I make payment things for the children not my wife. The CSA have now come back saying my payments have increased£222 pr month because of my private pension which they new about from day one. I have never received the letter informing me of how they arrived at the sum even though I have been told on three separate occasions it will be posted

I am also waiting a phone call from the person who decided on the amour. At the time of the re assessment I enclosed a diary of the times the children have stayed with me. The expenses I had collecting them and returning them plus the amount I spent on them. these are all covered with receipts and bank statements. When I challenged them not taking this information into account.They said my ex wife told them the children never stay with me. I told them to ask the kids. reply we can’t do that. there is also a how in the Philippines.Which was to be transferred to my children at the time of my death. In the mean time it is being rented out by my ex on the condition that the rent went for the children. Sorry to go on but life is never simple. Thanks


  • Bill says:

    If you are paying, for one child with no shared care allowed, 222 per month then your private and state pensions must be the equivalent of 1480 per month.
    If it is two children with no shared care then your pensions are 1110 per month.
    If three or more then it is 888 per month.
    If is non these cases then you need to request a revision of the last assessment.

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