7 years of fighting, on the verge of giving up

December 25, 2011

For 7 years I have been fighting for maintenance for my daughter from her father. Numerous liability orders have been granted against him for non-payment and last year the CSA decided to take him to court for non-payment, and commital to prison.

The case was due to be heard in february but was adjourned as the CSA court officer did not have the correct information. The next court date was once again adjourned for not having the correct documents. Eventually my daughters father decided to ask for a DNA test to be done, which was done and then proved to him that the child was his.

The case went to court once again and he was charged with wilful neglect for non payment of child maintenance. He has rung me up boasting that he has basically got away with the mainenance issue as he only has to pay £60 per month to me for my daughter (he is supposed to pay £33 per week to me anyway).

Anyway the csa have received my 1st payment of £60 for her, dunno how long it will take to get to me, but I am so angry that he has got away with paying such a small amount. He works as a security guard and gets paid approx £290 per week (the rest of it is paid cash in hand, he boasted very happily about that) his partner earns $42k per year, and from what i can gather he has gone into court and told them he pays all the bills etc…. I have asked the csa to do an attachment on his wages to guarantee my money each month but they refuse. I cannot contest this amount being paid as it was ordered by the court, but we worked it out, it will take over 4 years to clear this one liability order.

The other liability orders are still outstanding and they are currently doing another liability order for over £3500. I really have had enough of fighting this, it has pushed me down so much so I am suffering depression, he rocked my daughters world and the school have put her into councelling.

I have been the detective and have found out all the information, new jobs he has, etc where he lives, cars and the csa have done nothing for my child. Has anyone got any advice as to how I can get something done with regards to possibly overturning the amount he has to pay and enforcing regular maintenance?


  • karen bedford says:

    Very similar in ways to my case. I wish I could offer you more hope apart from keep on, complain in writing, keep records, send recorded delivery, chase up, get names, go to ICE Independent Case Examiner, go to MP, try and get their Criminal Compliance Unit of the CSA involved, etc. there are facebook groups too to join, for advice and support. Good Luck.

    My case closed last year after 12 yrs of fighting for justice, I had an appeal which took a long time to get and also the money owed to me too – but because my case was closed the other parent would get the money instead of me and considering she is on benefits and doesnt work, never has, doesnt want to, and prob gets more money than me as I dont get benefits, work and struggling to pay my bills now – she also gets my income tax too – I decided had enough and went on facebook and you tube etc. Im now waiting to be arrested over this and also cos I was looking for my son and he saw me (he son is an adult now) – the Police came round my door Xmas Eve! I wasnt in. Im so depressed and feel like everything has gone against me, whilst he has won everything, even lied to my children – when I have the evidence in writing – that he lied to them about, I feel now like Ive had enough and dont want to go on as my life has been such a misery because of him for so many years now and it will never end as I cant get over how this man can lie not just to me but to courts/judges, commit fraud to the inland revenue and get away with it all, there is no justice as its so biased and corrupt!

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