30 months later and we still have nothing

July 13, 2013

In jan 2011 i contacted the csa to help me getting maintenence for my daughter.. heard nothing so called them. stuck in clerical and can tell you no more response. this continued for a further 6 months.

eventually I spoke to someone who got it moved and promised prompt action. 8 wks later and further phone calls by myself, it still hadnt even been assigned a case worker. after emails, got a phone call to say they were trying to contact the father(they had all contact details). another 3 months and still no leter,ref noetc.A year into it and still no contact so another series of phone calls,emails etc i get a a case worker who then informs me that she is just starting work on it and cant explain why nothing has been done. i give it another 12wks and ring again. now i have a different case worker and no progress has been made. still not one letter or ref no from them.

another 6 wks and i phone and they tell me the father not responded to thier letters and they have to give him time(14 days) 4wks later nothing.another phone call and still getting tol he is not contactable. 6wks later they get hold of him and he says he wants a dna test. 3 months later 3 appts set up for dna test and he doesnt show. phone call from them to say thet they are going to proceed presuming parentage and request salary details from him.

dec 2012 i get my first letter ever from them stating the amount i will be getting a week,but that it will not be backdated atall and if i want it to be they will have to freeze my case.no more contact until april2013 when i am referred to the enforcement team for non payment by him.

Now in july 2013 after emails to complaints team, my MP and the press i get a phone call to tell me they “cannott tell me anything the enforcement team are doing,as it may jeapordise my case. so 30 months later we still have nothing.. this is money my daughter is entitled toand im sure if i owed them money they wouldnt wait that long for it. i am absolutley disgusted and it is not surprising that so many people give up. I however will not.


  • Sally says:

    Jeapordis your case?? Are you kidding? That is tantamount to blackmail…” Give us as much time as we need to shaft you or we won’t help you at all”. That is absolutely ridiculous!! Has your MP helped in ANY way (they are usually the only people the idiots at the CSA take heed to)…

    Not much help but have a look at NACSA website (success stories) as they might be able to help you or at least provide you with correct information as CSA staff are absolutely useless!!

    Good luck….

  • Mr.Whitey says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the csa scum haven’t been taking money off your ex since day 1, that’s what they did to me and my ex, they’re not in the business of giving money away to the PWC, at least not if they can help it, they exist to give money to the Treasury, not your, mine, or anyone’s children.

    It also wouldn’t surprise me if further down the line your ex gets hit with made up “arrears” for the period that you haven’t been paid for (and you won’t receive those either).

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