3 years of hell

February 14, 2012

I contacted the CSA thinking that they would be able to help me get my son some money from his father….big mistake! In the almost 3 years since I started the farce, I have spent more in phone calls then I have ever received from the CSA. I have never had a single letter from them, and only started getting payments in the last year. The wrong payments! Of the £80 per month he is supposed to pay, my son ends up with £27! His father is in arrears, but no one knows how much, or why he doesn’t recieve the right amount. I ring them every week to try and find out some information, since they never write to me, but everytime I ring, I get told something different, and am often spoken to so rudely that I get off the phone shaking and crying.

I have tried emailing, but they never reply, or even acknowledge me. I have been told that my caseworker would ring me so many times and have never had a call back, to the point where I’m beginning to doubt his existance!

Many times when I have rung, I have even asked them to listen back the calls they apparently record, just so someone else can hear all the different stories I’m being told, but they seem so disinterested, I feel like I’m fighting an uphill battle.


  • karen bedford says:

    You have to complain in writing, send recorded delivery, get in touch with my MP, ICE Independent Case Examiner, join the facebook groups child support agencies failings and others which gives free advice and support.

  • chall says:


    Does the agency have your correct address?

    I agree you should escalate your case to a clearly marked complaint and copy in your local MP, keep copies of everything and send signed for.
    Unfortunately, until you have received a final resolution from the agency, ICE will be unable to deal with your complaint and will refer it back to the agency

    It may also be beneficial to apply for your Data Protection File and a complete account breakdown, this should include all the info the agency hold on you. It will cost £10 (pay by postal order payable to; CSA) and you should be able to establish exactly what has been happening with your case.

    If you do need to speak to the agency by telephone, also send a letter echoing the conversation (again keep a copy).

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • Yvonne says:

    Yes they have the correct address, they ask me to confirm it every time I ring them!

    They have just sent me a letter saying that they have tried numerous times to ring me (which is a blatant lie, as they have my mobile number which obviously shows when people have rung) and that the time-scale for the work is 15 weeks. I have been told 12 weeks all along, so that’s an interesting development, but they have completely missed the point! The point of the complaint is that the work is never done, the account breakdown is never done and the arrears are never calculated. sending me a letter repeating the information that made me have to complain in the first place is pointless!

  • Pamela says:

    Yea I agree with the other comments, write to your MP and put in a formal complaint to the CSA.

    I’m at the stage where I have had a few letters sent to my MP and myself that also just clarify what I’m complaining about but providing no answers. Depending on the next letter I receive I will be involving ICE.

    As for telephoning, don’t give up, keep calm and demand to speak to a supervisor.

    Good luck.

  • Yvonne says:

    Ok, so a quick update….I got in touch with my MP, who I have to say, has been nothing but a brilliant help. He has got in touch with the CSA, and everytime he has spoken to them, he has written to me to let me know what happened…fantastic!
    I have also finally had some letters from the CSA informing me that they have worked out how much my sons dad should be paying him and when he should receive it (at long last). In a letter of explanation, they told me that they were very sorry, but as my sons father had a current case already open with another child, they forgot to do the work on mine! I am still amazed! Whether my son gets his payments remains to be seen, but its a relief to know that things are finally moving. On a bit of a downer though, I did complain to the head of operations, who apparently has a certain amount of time to reply, and it seems he has decided not to, as I have never heard anything back from him.
    Thanks for all the support guys, I will let you know how we go on. Don’t give up!!!

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