3 years of constant messing around

January 24, 2012

Initial payments took 8 months to start, it took them 2 months to contact me ex then another six months sorting out the payments.

When i finally got the payments they were always irregular and when I called them about this they said they had not received the payments, I then contacted my ex whom spoke to his payroll and thay had been sending in the payments weekly yet the CSA claimed there were no payments coming in and they had checked all the systems, when I called them and informed them that my ex’s payroll have been sending in the money thay then miraculously found it yet they would not tell me where this was, I have always suspected that they hold the payments to earn interest in the bank.

I then got info about a year later that my ex was working extra hours so they did a reassessment in February 2011, I was ringing them from the June to ask where the extra payments were they said they would be coming to me within 28days every 28 days i called them and nothing was done about this. I then sent in a letter of complaint at the end of august and I received a call from a manager within five days who said i would be getting payments within a couple of weeks.

I then received a letter from them stating from Feb 2011 he would have to pay me £47 but with the back log i would receive £52pw for 60 weeks. Come the beginning of November just 7 weeks after receiving this the payments went down to the original £39 yet my ex was still paying them £52pw. When I called in they said the system thinks I have received too much money and this would take 28 days to sort out even though my case is a clerical one.

I then started to receive £52 for 2 weeks and then they returned to £39 with the odd sporadic £13 paid to me!!! I then called them back and was not happy at all about this they said I would have to wait another 28 days and to top that off when they ended the call the lady stated “thanks for ringing the cock tail support agency” which does suggest they support cocks with tails or perhaps their own drinks fund!!!!I called back and complained about this incident and the person said this would be looked into and the phonecall listened to I have heard nothing about this.

Beginning of January 2012 called them as the payments were still £39 I was told no money had come in since the 19th December yet the last payment I had received was 29th December which just shows they hold my money from me. The person also told me i had about three weeks money coming to me which I have only received one payment of £39 this year on Friday 13th January i called in again and was told they have sent the money back to my ex even though i had been calling from November informing them of there error they also stated no money was coming in from him yet my ex states his payroll have paid them every week without fail.

They also stated that they have no record of the letter they had sent me yet there is a debt owed to me of £300 on my account!!!!! How can thay send the money back if there is a note on the account of the arrears and with me calling in informing them of their errors this is ridiculous, I complained about this and was told someone would call me back within a couple of days. 17th January rang in later in the afternoon and complained again and asked to speak to a manager I was put through to a supervisor!!!! who then stated a manager would call me back about this I am waiting and won’t hold my breath because they lie all the time I know no one is going to call me back they have said this many times to me.

I have had 2 years of there constant lying to me about payments received from my ex’s employers. I am unsure of what to do and feel like they are steeling from me.


  • joanne says:

    If your ex has no problems paying his child support, wouldnt it be better to come to an private agreement and get rid of the csa all together?

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