£25 a week for two children?

February 17, 2014

I made a claim with the csa in sept 2010, i have two daughters now aged 15 and 13, there father now lives two min up the road from us,he is a self imployed taxi driver. when he first moved up here things were fine and he bought them xmas presents,birthday presents etc.then everything stopped which is when i put in for csa.in two years ive had a handful of letters off the csa and had to make loads of calls to them to see how my claim is going on,as they dont keep me informed much at all to be honest.they sent my ex numerous letters and made calls to him to be totally ignored.he had bailiffs go round and they gave up because he was never there when they called.the csa said they could try a better team of bailiffs so i agreed-only for a similar thing to happen, they called to his house and he was out so his partner told them he had moved out!

I rang to queery my case and they said he had moved to which i told them he hadnt, they asked how did i know this so i said i live close to him i see his taxi nearly every day, his car parked outside his house etc,,,,i ended up asking my mp for help as i didnt think the csa were doing their best or working quick enough,the csa wrote back to my mp telling her its a lengthy process and they had sent their team of investigators out to find his new address!- i had told them this not a team of investigators! i had to tell them numerous times where he worked as one person would know but if i rang again the next person wouldnt- shoulnt all information about absent dads be logged into your information so then who ever you ring when you call they will know?

Anyway the bailiffs didnt work so they then applied for a liability order out of the 7 thousand pound owing, he should also pay 66 pounds per week,he was taken to court on the 19th of sept for a liability order of 1,800,and as i was lead to believe by the letters i have-the weekly payments too, and at court i was told and have it written on a letter that it was a committal to prison case,at court he was ordered to pay 25 pound a week off the liability order. no mention of a weekly payment!so as he pays 25 a week the csa are still adding the normal weekly payments he should pay off 66,so by my working out this debt will never go down unless he makes proper weekly payments? yet before the court date he got in touch with me and offered me 50 poundss a week, andrang the csa to ask advice about this as i wasnt sure wether i could take the money off him or not with there being a court case coming up and the csa advised me not to take it and if thats what he wanted to pay he should offer it in court. im totally disgusted with the payments he has to pay, it doesnt even cover the cost of the girls school dinner money never mind clothes,school things/trips,days out,personal things etc, 25 a week is an insult to one child never mind two!i have since wrote back to my mp, ive wrote to court to appeal, and ive wrote to ICE at the csa to complain about how they deal with a claim thats taken so far 2 years all for 25 off a section of the total, im hoping that my letters help me sort this out as 25 pound for two teenagers now a days is nothing, im a believer in absent dads should pay towards every part of a childs upbringing. yours sincerely miss annette lee-ray


  • Davey Jones says:

    Unfortunately the real costs of living are totally irrelevant to the CSA, their remit does not allow them to take this into account for either the NRP or the PWC. This simple fact creates so many anomalies and problems as well as much of the ill-feeling directed towards the CSA system. They are only interested in the taking a specified proportion of your exes proveable income, that figure depending on exactly which CSA scheme you are on.

    As for CSA investigators, lol, chocolate teapot comes to mind. CSA are just sat behind desks pushing paper around with the sole aim of achieving their goals by bullying, not by real work.

  • Corryn says:

    Face reality – if your ex is self employed you have absolutely no chance of getting any money through the CSA – as even they are at the mercy of your ex to man up and pay.

    The self employed man is in a position of power and holding all the cards as he has complete control of his finances. If I were you I would try and appeal to his better nature and try and thrash out a private deal that is reasonable to both parties, and try and forget about the so-called arrears! They are probablies wrong anyway and your ex will be less likely to co-operate with you if hes got huge arrears in the mix, although if its a slow day in the office at CSA they may still chase him for arrears, but they dont like self employed Dads as they are to costly to pin down.
    I know its hard as I have been through this with my self employed ex. He contributes nothing to our child. I would have been chuffed to bits with £25 per week to be honest, but all i was getting was 5!! Ive now closed my case as its not worth it, like you say it doesnt even cover 9.50 dinner money a week.

  • stevo says:

    well well well another harassing intimidating bitter and twisted overweight illiterate has been. Learn to spell apply for a JOB and look after your own children you lazy cow, if you put the same effort into working as ypu do into harassing your ex you would not need to worry about 25 pounds a week , I can see why he is your ex !!!! You need to be careful with the info you illegally pass and obtain as with a court disclosure order both you and the csa will be sited for harassment and sectiom 55 data protection act breaches criminal offences…. look out Dawn watson amd lynda slack your subpoenas are on the court and im going to get you jailed. CSA scum!

  • Vicky says:

    Do you know if they’ve looked in to an RDO (regular deduction order) or just a deduction order… This is like a DEO but it comes directly from their bank account. It sounds like you are doing all the write things with regards to where you have written to etc so just keep pursuing that – although it’s all your hard work hopefully it will pay off one day.

    I’m more than happy to help anyone if you want to approach me direct with your questions/queries.


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