CSA ask for thousands out of the blue

February 12, 2011

When me and the ex wife split up in 1994 i had to give up my fulltime job because i wanted to fight for custody of my 2 daughters and, at the time, couldn’t afford court fees so i managed to get legal aid to fight for my kids.

In the end i ended up with joint custody with me having a book for 1 daughter and her having a book for the other. In the time i was off work. I was told by the csa that i didnt have to pay any fees as i was having adequate contact with both daughters and having them at my home.

At this point after 13 mnths i was climbing the walls and needed to get back to work to be able to provide a better life and home for us all. I got a job and my ex wife had decided that she wanted to go and live back in southern ireland and she proceeded in getting full custody of my daughters.

Anyway she got her way as most women do in these situations and they were taken away from me to live over there that was in 1996. So in the yrs that followed i had contact from the irish courts that they wanted me to pay maintenance for the girls, even though they were hundreds of miles away. So we came to an agreement to pay an amount of money to both girls each month and thats how its been up to now.

My eldest daughters payments finished last yr and youngest should be this yr. So my csa story is that i came in from work today to find a letter from the csa saying that i owe them money to the amount of £5853.86 from the dates i finished work to the date they left for ireland.

How can this be when i was out of work and with joint custody also there has never been any contact with the csa in over 15yrs is this for real??


  • hg says:

    go to your MP….make a complaint and then they will listen…good look

  • John says:

    This happened t me. They made a mistake, with my case casting me into debt and then they sent me £250 consolatory payment to accept £6,500 worth of debt. The CSA are scum!

  • Alice says:

    did you inform the csa of all change in your circumstances? Di you move house and if so did you give them your new address? Before a DEO is issued they have to send a letter informing you of your arrears – this is a CSF 745 (a/b or c) and you have 7 days to contact them to contact them to discuss payment, ask which address they sent this to – if you did move and not tell them your new address they will send it to the address they have on file for you. If you went back to work after you were unemployed and did not tell them they will have traced your employer(s) for the period of time between you coming off benefit and your ex moving outwith the UK. You will be liable to pay the arrears

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