18 years of maintenance arrears

November 27, 2011

I waited 18 years for maintenance lump sum-went to ICE and PHSO – catelogue of errors by CSA.  Assessments were done and arrears were £67K.  NRP appealed and it was due to go to tribunal.  In the meantime it was discovered that assessments cannot use ASHE method for self employed so they redid the assessments and it came to only £35K so immediately lost half the money.

Then they received a lump sum from NRP and paid me only £19K and £16K back to Sec of State as part of the time I had been on benefit,  I was told I would receive nothing of the £16K because I came under the old rules eventhough the money had been paid now when it was the new rules.

Nowadays the law has changed and mothers on benefit get to keep all their maintenance,  Also there is still another 10 months of maintenance to be paid before my son is 18 and yet they refunded money to NRP and now expect him to pay monthly – it would have been commonsense to hold onto some and release to me monthly because I waited 18 years to ever get a penny.  Am I entitled to any of the £16K repaid to Secretary of State given it has only just been paid and now the rules have changed.

I am appealing against the new assessments which halved the arrears because for some years they are saying there is nil assessment eventhough the nrp has bought properties and maintained mortgages which is impossible if you do not have an income.


  • ellliebelly says:

    debra,at least uv now recieved some money.no your not entitled to the sec of state money,fgs why should you recieve that aswell as the benefits that were already paid to you.that is plain greedy.

  • John says:

    So the mother on benefits, gets to keep her benefits and full maintenance.

    Does this mean that the NRP is paying twice. Once by taxation into the system that pays for benefits, and secondly by maintenance?

    Isn’t the NRP being double-whammied?

  • janet says:

    How much do you think a child costs ??! I work pay taxes and get nothing off benifits however I did when my child was few months old I paid my taxes years previously and don’t feel bad about claiming them as I knew I’d not be on them forever but I didn’t have much just enough to feed my child and pay bills I welcome the new law letting the child get csa and keeping all of it so many children will be lifted out of poverty how can you all moan and re grudge paying its your children why should they suffer if the pwc doesn’t spend on child shame on them

  • sharon says:

    janet, take no notice of these people. you and your children deserve every single penny, why should a single person take all the responsibility and not at least get something back from the other parent as you are doing their share too!

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