It’s not just the CSA, it’s the council as well

June 2, 2013

this is not just the csa, its the council. Me and my new wife have asked for a two bedroom house or a flat so that my kids can stay over. The council told me that because I don’t have the family allowance books for the children, my wife and I cant have a two bedroom house or flat so you see im not only paying for my kids, I can not have them stay with me because they have no where to sleep


  • Adrian says:

    To be fair it’s not the council. It’s the goverment that imposes the rules. I assume your talking about a room for your child. Under the new rules if a room isn’t being occupied then the council will impose what we call the bedroom tax. However to be classed as a room for sleeping it needs to be more than 9ft x 7ft. Anything less than this and it can’t be classed as a bedroom for sleeping. Also all you would need is a document from either from the pwc or the csa stating that you have the child x number of nights. It makes
    Me sick to say this but social services would be able to help you further. Hope this helps and good

  • It’s not just the CSA, it’s the council as well June 2, 2013

    Hello all, I refer to Article 8 of the Human Rights Act 1998. THE RIGHT TO A PRIVATE AND FAMILY LIFE. Councils maybe obliged to provide housing where families are concerned.

    The HRA 1998 is becoming more and more segmented to destroy such rights. If the Councils claim they cannot accommodate you and your children which are “legally” yours under Article 1, Protocol 1 ( Possession) then the United Kingdom Government as a whole could be held liable for violating such Articles of the HRA 1998.

    May I also make a point to the same government that if parents are accused of abusing their children “emotionally”, by shouting at them, then the same government may also be liable for “emotionally disturbing” any child and in doing so are in fact torturing a child which too is also found in the Human Rights Act under Torture. It could be deemed as “mental torture” for a child not to see his ;or her parents if either parent wishes to see their child ;or vice versa and under the HRA 1998,

    IF the HRA still exists in the UK, then no one shall be Tortured whether physically ;or MENTALLY. Whether Male or Female. A child is not strong enough mentally ;or physically to be “tortured” by not being allowed to see his /her parents and I must remind the UK Government of Article 7 of the same Act “NO PUNISHMENT WITHOUT LAW” The UK Government are in FACT “PUNISHING CHILDREN by not allowing them to see their natural parents and thus are TORTURING the children and the parents from seeing each other. If the UK Government cares to observe the HRA 1998, and take notice of “in between the lines” then parents would see and read that I am talking sense and applying the HUMAN RIGHTS Act !

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