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12 weeks turnaround turned into 42 weeks for a claim

I proceeded with my claim on jan 07 2011 for csa from my ex partner.Was told the process takes aprox 12 wks.The details from my ex partners employers were given and recieved in march.I recieved a letter dated 20th june stating that it would be back dated too 7th of jan which was when i first made my claim.

The letter also stated that there was shared care and that my son stays 104 nights a year and that £9.71 had been deducted for this.I then phoned on the 28th june to amended this as at no stage of the claim had i informed or implemented that there was any shared care of my son.

After several more phone calls i then recieved a letter on 12th sept with payment details which still had a deduction on for shared care of my son.I then phoned again and then recieved at letter on the 19th sept which was amended but add reduced the period of back payment from jan to june.

I am due to get my 1st payment this week and have asked why it is not beening back paid too jan like u 1st stated.I was told that the phone call that i made in june made it into a change of circumstances and would only be back paid to then,at no time have i stated his dad had shared care of our i am having to appeal for the 25 wks that is owed to me and i am still waiting for my 1st payment after 42 wks.I feel that the csa has occurred these arrears for my sons father in taking such eternity to end this claim .

God only knows how long it will take for my appeal .

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  1. Please join the facebook groups child support agencies failings and others for support and advice as this is unfortunately common

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