£104 taken out of my wages out of the blue

February 24, 2014

I’m so mad and not happy as csa took £104 out my wage today which was out of blue ???? i use pay child maintenace £60 a week by hand to ex for years there no problem between me and ex we just like brother sister share help each other then somehow i start meet new partner . ex start bitter and bitch about !!! now she stop me see my son and son don’t want see me no more which really hurt me alot i av’not see him 4 months now that why she start use csa try gettin make my life hell . i don’t know what shall i do ????


  • Fourvees says:

    Hope your MP is better than mine (George Foreman) tells me he can’t do anything to get back the £2400 the CSA admit to taking through DEO by mistake and they are refusing to refund .
    Seriously something is really wrong when the CSA admit to taking money by mistake and then refuse to pay it back. Beware once they have made a DEO on you they can do it anytime even if they make a mistake !!

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