Wrongly paying child support

June 7, 2011

My daughter was born in january 1992. Her mother and I mutually split 6 months later. I used to give my daughters mother £300 a month directly and everything was fine.

The CSA was introduced in 1993 and proptly targeted all the known fathers, i.e. all the fathers present on birth certificates such as myself, and not the fathers that they claimed they were going to target in their manifesto, i.e: those fathers that were not accounted for.

I was ordered to pay Child Support through their system. This I objected to as my daughters mother and I had a previous arrangement. The CSA didn’t recognize our arrangement and sought to source the funds directly out of my pay. I had no choice but to pay.

About 4 yrears later, my daughters mother found work, bought a house with her new partner and dropped all her child support claims yet the CSA still deducted monies from my pay every month for 15 more years. In Oct 2009, The CSA contacted me to let me know that I was no longer needed to pay CS and that I had been wrongly charged. Well, it is 2011 and I am still waiting to be refunded. I have telephoned them and I apparently have been assigned a case-worker. Everytime I ring (about once a fortnight), I am told that the case is slow because of of “data transferance from one system to another”. I don’t know what sort of beaurocracy they run but it seems to me that they couldn’t organize a p*** up in a brewery! How is it that when they want money, they can come striaght into you pay and take it like a pick-pocket yet when it’s the other way around, I can’t get any resolution.