Write to your MP over and over

June 28, 2012

If you are not receiving payments but an assessment is in place then the current policy of the child maintenance and enforcement commission states: Where wilful and culpable neglect of a child can be proven in court, they have an opportunity to take the case to court for commital.

I suggest you write to your MP as much as possible. They can push a complaint through far quicker. For twelve years I have contacted Inland Revenue, Council Tax Offices, and the DWP, constantly updating them with my ex husbands addresses, my MP received up to six letters a year from me. Do not let up, find out the policies of all these departments and ensure that they are adhering to them, if not point out that they are in breach of their own policies regularly. Your MP should be made to realise that you are never going to go away, not until your case is heard.

Finally after using CMECs own policy against them it took 3 months to get my case to commital. The day before commital we received most of the arrears and now regular weekly payments after twelve years of not a penny.

This man went to great lengths to avoid his duty as a father but in the end a looming prison sentence would have affected his new life greatly so he had no alternative but to pay. He has no contact with his children who after a good comprehensive education have decided that his behaviour was so appalling he has no place in their society.

Good luck but please write to your MP over and over.