Woman on contraceptive injection still fell pregnant

August 26, 2011

I met a lady, over a five month period, and her husband, left her, for a younger woman, she lost her home and the pair of them owe 65k between them and they used to fight, like nothing ive ever seen before, so thinking on in my wisdom decide this was not the sort of relationship I want to be involved in!!! She had the injection and the mini, pill, after leaving this saturation she called me to tell me she was have my baby.

I have been supportive and helpful, but now im being told she will, be going to the csa, babies name will have another mans name, and I will not be able to see the baby and I’m going to have 15% of my net wages, surely if I have to pay this money, I should have some rights but I find, I closer to the throne of England…

sad sad I will pay my way for my child, but this 15% will be used to pay her depts. off, pushing me to start my own business! The law is wrong she got pregnant to try and keep me or to get back at her husband… i’ve been to trusting and a very silly man, she will have three children by three different guys and we are all paying 15% and she get working tax credits……lol and she’s just buying a new soft top……….