Will CSA nightmare continue with CMS?

January 28, 2016

My nightmare started with csa wen i hadnt heard from the mother of my child for years then out of the blue i had an attachment of earnings applied! £300 plus taken a week out of my wages this was in 2008 apparently this was arrears and maintenance together this was breaking me to the point i had no choice but to move out of my family home as i coouldnt afford financially to support my wife and other child! and her daugher dont get me wrong i never had a problem with paying for my child but i was stopped seeing her for no reason! but the amount they took was rediculous!

my wife would be on the phone to csa everyday trying to come to some arrangement but them nit wanting to hear anything we had to say! ie that i had to move out and my wife had to go on benifits so be able to keep a roof over her and her childrens head their attitude was as long as the mother of his other child is gettin her money thats all that matters and if my wife  wanted she could also claim for the child we had together!! oviously we werent seperated so she didnt want to go down that road.

she then had a income support officer come round and my wife nearly done for fraud because she was on benifits and still married and with me my explained everything showed wage slips etc and luckily they didnt take it further!

csa nearly ripped my family apart we had no say we where spoken to like dogs and no one would give us the time off day!! 3 years we went through this hell,4 years we have had a set payment plan which we have the amount csa said we have to pay come out weekly which has worked brilliantly.

We have now been informed that the old csa is shutting down and that a new system and claim has to be made! i have rung them and tried to explain our situation to end up with no information we needed! we have been told we have 3 ways ro set uo csa one of them is the route we want to go down and that is through the mother but hse wont communicate with us after we have messaged her we cant afford to go through the csa as i cant afford the fees as well as the maintenance! and i dint want to go through csa i just dont wat to do? do we have more of a say this time with the new system?


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