Will being self-employed help with CSA?

April 1, 2015

CSA don’t get me started. They nearly drive me to kill myself. My ex contacted them cos he seen I had a new car,they contacted me saying I owed them 1000 pounds two weeks before Xmas and if I didn’t pay they would take out of my wages before Xmas.

I explained that they renewed my case and dropped my amount I was paying 6 months before Didn’t matter I was left with no money for my other two children before Xmas for presents, They then mess my ex about so we agreed to pay her straight into my sons account.

Then 2 years later,she was on one again they said paying my son wasn’t paying for him Couldn’t win,then they messed my ex about again So she wanted me two pay her,I have done But now she’s started again but in theses last 6 years with CSA they have never taken into account that I have two other young children under 6 And they based my money on having no kids even thou I told them.

Now they r saying they want me to pay 35 a week for my son on my top line of 350 A week,but I thought that it was on my take home money not my top line,am I better of getting a pension so I pay less or do I go self employed With my other two children in before and after school and full time childcare it works out that I’m better off not working,230 for childcare and 35 to my ex on a take home of 265/270 after tax.

Then there’s the fuel money I put in each week to pick my son up once a once,at 30 to 40 pound a around trip,I’m living on Visa cards to pay bills and fuel,but I love my son so much I need help and advice I can’t carry on anymore.