Why has the CSA taken arrears from me?

June 7, 2010

Hi I just wonder to whether anybody can advise me on the following.

I have always stayed in contact with the CSA they have never had to chase me or anything like that. In 2008 after 3 years of unemployment I rang them to let them know and we set up a payment plan however there was an error with my first wage and the next thing I knew was they had passed the case over to IQOR who then took 40% of my wage for the next 4 months, I then appealed and it was reduced to 25%. On 26th June 2010 I finally finished by £2,400 arrears.

Now the problem is that my latest assessment was stuck in their system for 12 months and only freed itself in September 2009 and since then £60.40 has been mounting up that they I accepted I could not pay until I had finished with IQOR. Now that I have obviously further arrears of the £60.40 per month have built up to a total of £1,320. Last Thursday 1st June I rang them as advised the last time I spoke to them in February to arrange a payment plan by means of a direct debit, they wanted the ongoing £60.40 plus another £68 off the new arrears every month, I told them I coul not do this because over the course of the passed 12 months over bills that I could not afford to pay have mounted up, we agree that the new anount would be £108 per month, this was verbally agreed and I was told I would recieve the details by post.

This next part is why I have been left very angry. At the end of my call to them last week I just happened to mention that since my new assessment had been made my circumstances have changed because I have moved hone and my rent and council tax have increased, they said that they would re-assess my payments which I thanked them for but honesstly thought nothing would change.

48 hours later I had 2 letters from them, the first amazingly told me that the monthly amount required had come down to £22 per month making me £38 better off which straight away I planned to use on other debts which I have not been able to pay because of my AEO, but then I opened the second letter and it contained confirmation of my new repayment plan but was nothing like what we agreed.

What they have done is taken the £38 back off me and added it on to the arrears payments so I still have to pay them £108 per month!! I find this unacceptable because we agreed on an amount which they have now altered without my say so. Can they do this and if No what can I do to have this investigated?