Why has the CSA been storing up months of my money in a slush fund?

May 27, 2015

Im gona make sure my story goes on every social media site on the land and these reprobates are inundated with calls from every single paying parent both male and female.

My story started back in 2003 when i started paying CSA, however through many many errors on there side and years of mental abuse suffered by myself the CSA have accepted double payments from me since June 2011. This equates to over £11,000.

I want to tell everyone about one particular part of this story and that is: when i was contacted regarding my case on March 18th 2015 i was told there was a ‘SLUSH FUND’ with my name attached to it and there was £1164 in it, as i pay weekly (£56) and the CSA had also been recieving 4 weekly from my direct wages, there was no need for any SLUSH FUND to be present.

When i told the lady on the phone the CSA were a pathway route for my son to inadvertantly recieve this money i asked WHY they had 5 MONTHS of my money sitting in a SLUSH FUND. I analyse every detail these bafoons say and she was lost for words. I said there and then i will tell everyone of this so called slush fund as clearly this is a standard practice for this agency.

I am now proceding through the complaints procedure and after being told i will not recieve my money in full and in one payment, a payment i have asked to be paid with interest at the BOS base rate, monies which the CSA said i should recieve back in 10 yrs and 8 months, (my son will be 25yrs old then).

This matter is now in the hands of my MP at present. I would encourage each and every single parent paying these incompitent people to contact them regarding the SLUSH FUND. I would also like to ad that the new service will come at a cost to all, both paying and recieving monies, my advice if things are amacable please please do not use this system, it is massively flawed.

They have offered me £100 as a compensation to my case, needles to say they were told where to stick it. These imbeciles have created a huge amount of stress on my life and one lady said i was to blame. If i dont laugh i will cry. Please inundate thesse bafoons with calls and ask how your SLUSH FUND is being managed.