Why does the CSA make a pig’s ear of everything?

May 28, 2015

17yr old son left school Oct 14. His mother is still claiming child benefit (May15) which means i still have to pay child maintenance.

Reported mother for child benefit fraud. CSA say there is nothing they can do as mother is still claiming child benefit. Child benefit cant discuss the case with me. One simple phone call to my sons school would confirm he left in Oct 14….

Why do they make a pigs ear of everything? My son is sitting on his backside doing nothing whilst his mother is still claiming. I have now contacted my MP in hope of some help. I still have to pay through wage deduction and will no doubt have another fight on my hand to get it stopped and backdated.

Child Benefit Fraud Team really need a kick up the backside. This was all reported in March 15 now May 15 and still no further. Also paying a fortune to be in queues with CSA. So frustrated!!!!