Why do I have to pay so much to the Child Support Agency?

September 21, 2012

I was married to my first wife and I am the father to my 8 year old Daughter. Myself and her mum split when she was 5.

I endured a long custody battle and the mother stopped me from seeing my Daughter for 16 weeks. I finally gained joint custody via a court order and saw my child at weekends and in the holidays. There were no conditions placed in the court order for maintenance as we had joint responsibility. After the divorce I met and married my second wife.

I have fed and clothed my Daughter and provided for her in every way possible. Now after the collapse of my second mariage I am again been dragged through the courts to gain access..at the time of writing I have been denied access for 9 weeks.

The other day I receieved a letter from the CSA saying I need to pay…to say I was gobsmacked would be an understatement. I am currently on benefits so payments would not be so bad. However I am or was looking for work and after a deduction of 25% taken from the CSA It would not be worth living.

How can this be justified when there are guys and women who get away with not paying at all? I am lost.