Why did CSA go up when my pay went down?

June 4, 2015

Ok so I’ve worked on a drilling rig for over a decade and starting having back pain. It slowly started getting worse so I quit working on a rig and settled for working as 3rd party on a rig as solids control because it a lot better on my back.

As soon as I made this change i told CSA. They told me that even tho my pay went from 25 an hour to 15 an hour they where going up instead of down… o.O

I then could not afford my bills and have been forced to leave that job and move into a house that was condemned before I put tin on the roof and rebuilt most of the house with junk I find. Me, my new wife, her 2 kids, and our new baby live here in the woods now. I help the guy with things and keep the place kept up for living here.

It’s been a year since I left my job and moved here. We have 2 checks coming in from wife’s kids because one has adhd and the other is def. I’ve tryed to get my child support reduced many times and have letters from the lpn that say I shouldn’t lift heavy things cause they’ve found something in my back with an mri.

The court doesn’t care and I still have $2,000 a month child support a month that I can’t pay. Im going to a neurosurgeon to get further help about my back but no help yet. The CSA is an absolute joke and is ruining our lives. Not to mention my ex is a druggy with no teeth that never worked and doesn’t care about anyone but herself.

Can’t afford a attorney because CSA has shoved me down time and time again. Im broke and about to be broken.