Why can’t the CSA get their own evidence?

August 18, 2012

My ex has always played with the system and refuse to make payments and its been going on for years. After a very long battle with CSA/ Tribunal appeal for years he was asked to pay or else he will go to prison, he had no choice than to pay. At last I thought that was the end of it.

OH NO as soon as he found another loophole in the law where he said that he is leaving the country and they took his word for it. They closed my case despite I told them he is in the country.

I recently attended a tribunal appeal and they found out so much about his having a few companies where he has not declared and he is in the country. My case has been closed by the CSA because they chose to believe in him rather than me. They refused to investigate about his companies. they asked me if I have evidence as they cant do anything themselves.

I havent seen him for years and he does not see his child how on earth am I support to get evidence? Is’nt it their job to investigate and get evidence but they chose not do. He is hiding and getting away by not paying any money to his child and he is winning the situation.