Why can’t our case be reviewed?

April 8, 2015

Sort of my story, my partner has been avoiding a CSA debit for say about ten years, the reason , he was informed about what he owed his x about three years after his son had left home, got in touch with them asking for his case to be reviewed.

Now at this time some of my associates started getting letters from CSA about my partner and I and wanting to know if they new who owned what, property, I was furious,his debit had nothing to do with me, or what I owned.

I got in touch with CSA to make a complaint all they said is they look up every avenue to collect debits from the father, and there was know one I could make a complaint to, but I offered my tax file number so they could see how much I eared and had been earning before I met my partner, so it was clear to them that I support my self and my own children.

We didn’t hear from them for a few years after that but also at this time his youngest son who was in his early twenties need our financial help, I always told my partner that when his children wanted money put it through the CSA just in case they want that debit payed to his X.

He did that and boy did that course trouble with his x as far as she is concerned that was her money and she didn’t like to hand it over to her sons, so he stopped doing that. When he had a falling out with his son, I found out my partner would have given his son enough to pay of his CSA debit.

Then he started getting letters from CSA that he had to pay his debt back to his X . This time I have gone with him to interviews with CSA and they all claim that his case can not be reviewed but never give a reason as to why, in one interview I picked up on the dates of when he’s payments finished and said his son was not in his mothers care for a least twelve months to that date, we were told we had to prove that.

I asked why can’t the X get a stat declaration sign by a JP that their son was in her care, at this point the interviewing officer got very aggressive towards me. And that’s about as far as we have gotten with them except we still don’t believe he owes as much as they clam, any one else with the same problem. Sorry such a long story and there’s a lot more to it than I’ve written in here.