Why can’t my husband’s ex get a job?

August 2, 2012

My Husband’s ex left him and took his children 80 miles away to live with her new partner who she now has a child with, whilst my husband worked he always sent her money direct from his bank to hers. Unfortunatly he lost his job and was out of work for almost 2 years.  Even when on the dole, he maintained contact with his children driving 160 miles to collect them and 160 miles to drop them off. His ex got nasty and bribed him of his dole money to allow him to see the children.

It was at this time that his ex contacted the CSA (I think she thought she would get some money from me as she new my husband was on the dole).  Finally my husband got a job on minium wage. The CSA informed him that this was an old case from 2001 and they would have to go through the old rules which expects me to produce my wage slips as well as his.  I flatly refused. The CSA told him he would be penalised for that reason.

My husband questioned the date of the first claim. as he was still with the childrens mother at that time. In fact he went on to have his second child with her in 2006. It appears that his ex had claimed income support, single parent benifit, housing benifit and council tax benifit for nearly the whole time he was with her.  He found out at the end of his relationship, when he was visited by the DSS at his place of work who informed him that she was being investigated into the fraudulent claim.  Any way the CSA are not interested in why the original claim was made so they wont budge on moving this claim to the new system.

And the punishment for me not sending my wageslips off is for my husband to pay as a single man with no out goings what so ever. In effect he has to pay 320 pounds per month out of his 800ish salary (arrears included) and he also has to spend 130 pound in fuel to see his kids every month.  I lost my Family tax credit when he started work which meant that we see about 200 pounds of his wages (forty hours a week) he is getting LESS than dole money.  The childrens mother on the other hand has a salary coming in from her new partner has Family tax credit, if all her kids belonged to her new partner she like the rest of the world would have to make do on what she gets. or of course she could, dare I say it….GET A JOB!!!