Why are they only taking one person’s word for it?

February 9, 2014

He paid his ex child maintenence then she moved in with her gran n gramps(his parents) and he was still paying her mum, eventually his ex agreed to him Giving the money to his parents as she was living there, she then moved into her other grans and he was giving her cash, which he obv could not prove, and when she demanded more he said no he couldn’t afford it, she was getting money from her mother, money from her gran out her pension and a bursary which was claimed based on her mum not wrkn but her partner lives with her and has two jobs!!

So the csa with her mother was closed and his daughter applied herself, which means it’s csa2 or 3, sumthing like that, but they admitted they counted my daughters child tax and benefit!! They are taking a whopping 40 pound a wk for his 29 yr old and before we had our child were only taking 29. And csa are only taking HER word that she’s at college, we asked if they contacted the college to confirm and were told they just take her word for it , how is that even justified?? Especially with all the lies she has told in the last five years.To the ppl who have offered support and advice I really appreciate it and to the idiot who said us women shud get jobs, I did have one, I have worked all My life and fell into ill health.i would happily go bk to wrk if I could.


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