Who can help me with my complaint?

May 28, 2015

Good morning, i have a nineteen year old son with my ex-wife. Who i have been taking care of since the break up of our marriage,so it was a big suprise to me to be contacted by the CSA demanding that i owe the finances they told me which was rubbish considering i signed our house over to my ex-wife.

I agreed in the end to payiyng £33a week due to me working through an agency but to my suprise they are taking alot more than that at the moment they say they are taking £87 from my earnings each week but my wage slip shows they are taking much more than that.

When i called the CSA on many occassions they say they are not taking that amount, so i called into my local Citizen Advice Bureau and explained to them what was going on they got in touch with the CSA to question the evidence in front of them they were also told that the amount was (four times more than the £87 weekly was being taken from my earnings virtualy leaving me with very little to live on.

The person asked why so much was being taken and the answer was arrears, but nothing was arranged for them to be taking so much. Where can i get any help with my complaint as it seems the CSA are a law un to themselfs help!!!