Who are we supposed to be paying this money to?

August 27, 2014

I dont even know where to start! my husbands ex has walked out on her husband and 5 kids at xmas last year, my hubby has always paid for his kid who is 17 now.

We found out that not only had the parent with care walked out and left all of the kids to set up home with someone else but that the child my hubby pays for has left college.

So we phoned csa a couple of weeks ago and they told my hubby that they were aware the kid left college in april/may. well we have still been paying and no one has told us any different. we have also found out that the mum is still getting the csa paid to her and other benefits and she is not even speaking to her kids never mind rearing them.

Surely this is benefit fraud? hubby phones up today again to see how their “investigation” is going and they have done nothing to date. they claim they have been trying to contact that woman for a couple of week and that they need acknowledgement fromher that she is now not a PWC and that the child has left school.

Paying themoney is not the issue here, its who we are paying it too. The experience we have had with CSA has been horrendeous and over the years we have had unexpected arrears and they take what ever they want out of our account without acknowledging us, this seems unfair and i dont know what to do next. helpppp