Where does the CSA get its figures from?

April 4, 2014

I have been paying regular payments direct from my wages since 2006 and have been accessed numerous times and yet again my ex wife contacts them thinking she will get more money as she isn’t satisfied with £56 per week.

They have my wage slips and send me a letter saying iv over paid since May then low and behold they send me a letter saying i owe £257 arrears although I paid arrears of £350 in February and have a letter to say I didn’t owe anything.

Now they say it’s from 2006 and cannot explain why or how they get the figure of £53 a week when my wages have took a nose dive.

I don’t have an issue of keeping my child but I want to know how they get to these figures because I have gone through it and it just doesn’t work out. Also they cannot give me information where these arrears keep coming from.