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What does CSA stand for?

The CSA. Apparently it stands for “Child Support Agency”. Personally, I think they should change it to something more appropriate to their workings. Let me know if you come up with any ideas for it. They certainly don’t support many children.

This is what I have gathered from various people I know who have had the misfortune of dealing with them. As explained in the post “How long have you got – My Story”, I don’t believe their current role is supporting any children. I believe their current role is to raise as much cash as they can to pay off old debts they have. Like the millions they are currently indebted with, all that money they borrowed.

See, I’ve heard how when they do issue DEO’s, how they are only issued to NRP’s who are already making regular payments, or from cases years old where they recover money but the children are now grown adults who will never see a penny. Yep, they’re pretty keen on getting NRP to pay arrears running into thousands paid off in two years time, most NRP’s whose children are now adults. The DEO’s attached to those children who are still young seem to sit in the CSA’s account for weeks, which I imagine builds a lot of interest which will go toward the debt. Or the monies deducted from DEOs appear to vanish into thin air – classic case this week where one PWC queried her missing money to be told “It’s gone to another office in error, but we don’t know which one” WTF??!

They tend not to bother with recent cases where either the PWC is in employment or the NRP is in reciept of benefit. Why? Because the CSA do not get a penny of this, that is why. They simply do not give a stuff unless the money they collect is lining their pockets, and paying their debt.

Now, if I were to say to my childminder – “oops, the money the tax credit office paid me towards your childcare was in my account but I had a debt to pay so it’s gone”…..Can you imagine the fuss? She’d stop looking after my kids because effectively I would have stolen from her. The money the tax credit office gives me is to pay my childcare, it’s not my money to take. DEO’s are not for the CSA to take for their own gain, it’s for the children. Yet, every day they get away with yet another scam. They are the biggest conmen and thieves walking on this earth, but because they are a government body, they get away with it. Seems they get away with rather a lot. How many NRP’s have committed suicide, because the CSA have robbed them of every penny and left them with nothing to live on, and nothing to live in when houses are repossessed? We all know the ones that have been publicised, but the press only publish a few stories, it’s nothing in the grand scheme of things. I wonder how many suicides there are that go unwritten about. If a joe bloggs debt collection agency issued a DEO on behalf of a company, they would only be permitted to take a certain amount, that’s it. Nothing more and no other form of payment. The CSA as a government body can do what the hell they like without conscience. They are walking around with blood on their hands but feel no guilt.

At the other end of the scale there are PWC who have also committed suicide because they simply cannot afford to pay the motgage without their child support, which they are not receiving. I’ve come close to losing my home myself because I cannot afford to support my children alone, despite working full time. I have then considered if I am a capable parent, if I cannot provide my children with the bare essentials which in turn has led me to contemplate suicide because at times like these, I feel my children are better off without me. I tried it twice years ago. Both times I failed. But many have tried and succeeded.

The CSA – getting away with murder. Hey, I’ve just thought of a new name. “The Child Survivor Agency” – for all the children who are surviving of their late parents, whom they lost due to the immense strain the agency puts them under. Morbid? Yes. But then so are the CSA.

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