What assets can CSA take into account?

August 12, 2016

Hi, Im looking for advice ….

In 2010 I got shot while on operations in Afghanistan. After years in recovery the army medically discharged me. I recieve an AFCS pension and was awarded a lump sum.

Since my discharge in 2013 Ive been travelling trying to appreciate the life I very nearly lost. And it’s attracted the wrong attention.

… this year I returned home and Ive fallen into the trap. I had a drunk one night stand, two weeks later I got the pregnancy test photo, she’s adamant wants to keep it. Ive told her my position: Theres no chance of us ever being together – I can’t be a dad. I’m not well enough.

She doesnt care if I’m involved but she wants money. Things are already turning very bitter.

I have two mortgaged houses, approx £35k savings and £35k in stocks and shares.

My income is under the AFCS and subject to the same minimal deductions as job seekers.

She doesnt work and lives at home with her mother.

My question is what assets are vunerable to siezure by the CSA?

I’ll happily pay a monthly amount I can afford, subject to a paternity test, but obviously I dont want the humiliation of being stripped of the assets I almost paid for with my life.