We need to stand together: come to my London focus groups

May 31, 2013

like so many I am dealing with this agency… Its a nightmare, my kids are suffering becuse of their interference.there are so many people affected all sitting on a laptop moaning and discussing current issues….it is a start and a relief to know that support and advice is at hand.

Is it enough? NO would be my answer… Whilst we are spread accross the country dealing with our own cases collective evidence against the CSA goes un-used. We need to stand together NOW to stand a chance…. Petitions need to be started and we all need to utilise our skills and ideas if we want to stand a chance… It’s going to be tuff we need to dedicate time and energy and this workload needs to be shared…. if anyone is interested in attending focus groups (i’m in London / Middlesex)e-mail me at [email protected] ………..


  • jay says:

    On going saga with my partners ex wife who has remarried, still paying her nrly £600,00 per month despite the fact i also have a child considerably younger, his eldest who is 17 still at college for another yr doing a course that will perhaps give him a skill, was absolutely furious when i find out further to this the following year he is going back to resit his GCSE’s!! which wiil take him to over 19 yrs old, i find it absolutely disgusting that this should be allowed, hes completely capable of at that age of supporting himself, i can only presume yet again it is the plan of this greedy manipulative female to cash in on extra time and money!!!! whilst bleeding us dry constantly, im going to insist the csa give us a full break down of where the money that comes out of my partners bank account then goes into hers is spent on. I very much doubt it will be going on the children, more like her luxury lifestyle!!!

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