Warrant for ex’s arrest because of the CSA

October 10, 2012

My daughter is now 6 years old, her father and I split up before I found out I was pregnant but he has never had anything to do with her. His debt with the csa is now in the thousands.

They applied through the court to take money out of his account without his permission as they had his bank details, after 4 payments he lied and said he was out of work so they stopped taking money, i know this was a lie as I still speak to his mum. Everytime I ring the csa its ‘we’ve passed your case to the bailiffs or the court but this could take up to 3-4 months’ in that time he’s changed mobile numbers, got another job, changed bank details. Hes out drinking every weekend, hes now self employed with his own company, has his own house, has 2 subaru’s, goes on holiday 2/3 times a year in top 5 star hotels in the south of france etc and I’m struggling to get by.

There’s been a warrant out for his arrest since May (October now) and they still haven’t got him, they have his address but they say can’t find him. I’m so fed up with it all. I’ve give up with the csa and not keeping my hopes up that i will get this money.


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