Vindictive ex backed up by heartless CMS

February 14, 2016

I am blessed with three children

And to buttered ex partners who think by bulling me for years over access over our children I’ve been through county court for one day a week for three years The mother wants money she claims benefits an part wages £25000 plus a year Cms I have said my £1000 a month £378 in my payment as a doe now nt ex wife has started cms on me aswel I cannot afford to live get to work to pay these soulless faceless corporation which is cms They have said I was a bad payer I did not pay to the penny full child support which I didn’t have I’ve asked them to make it fair so I can pay towards our children but cms want their 25% So not about kids it’s a tax on low income fathers by Vendictive mother who has used my children as weapons of hatred towards myself backed up by the cms So stealing my wages how can I give to my children when they are in my care ?

Cms informed that it’s a fair system

If there is no money to get to work how do I pay I set up a family based arrangement through cms she took the money then refused to accept the agreement  that it wasn’t enough I offered £1200 a year out of a low wage I thought was fair it cost when I have my children Where the mother is given a state handout aswel Where a doe does not qualife for any state help ?

I’m now up to going to county court over increased access because the mother is that bitter will not give more time to be a father to our kids Money and acces two different court cases so £450 to goto court ?

I was given cms against I didn’t pay it now I’ve paid 14 months I stopped because I thought 1200 a year was better than zero but cms said until action by the mother stops I can go to prison and be jailed up to 42 days and when freed they want arrears ?

I have my eldest child since she was 31/2 in my care gave my ex wife our child the house car and all the stuff I left with finding some where to live Now even though I’ve had my daughter in my home cms 104 plus ten days school holidays is not shared care 150+ is I set mediation refused I had a contact order refused family based arrangement refused It’s not enough that we the fathers are made to feel less than human I don’t ask my ex partners for money when in my care Truth the state has paid out and is sick of it I do have responsibility to pay and I offered it was rejected no means tested if you cannot pay we will fine you ?

The system has to be investigated stTe says 15000 a year no help of the state but they can take £3000. + before bills and food Racketering explodtation I’m in a fixed address and a fixed address Even if she agrees in court over payments if she does inform cms the action stands even with a direction of court ?

Mothers should be arrested it’s a abuse it’s against human rights to be left being a templory father and to be abused verbally every time picking our children up With I don’t care if you lose your home don’t have means to collect our kids threats of being arrested if I go to our kids home on day that is not mine She can do what she likes and backed up.