Using kids as a weapon

May 8, 2012

I know this is none of my business but i am sick and tired of being in the middle even though i gave my husband an option before we got married because they were calling me names even though if it wasnt for me my husband wont being looking after the kids because he was fed up of 1 babymother as she always uses the kids as a weapon.

If she doesnt get her way of if she is upset at him, she wants him back but he keep telling her there is no chance at that as he is happily married but because of that she tells him you cant see the kids because she doesnt want them to meet me, which a few months ago she agreed then changed her mind but like i said i dont really mind aslong as my husband sees them and take care of them. He pay £40 to travel there by train which take 2-3hrs but even when he is there she tries to start trouble like 1 day he went there and because he didnt want to play a game as she was involved she kicked him out the house a train that you can just go back on you have to wait the time that son the ticked so he was stranded for 2hrs in a place he doesnt know. he used to by agreement but out of the blue she told him the kids wasnt his and he shouldnt give her no more money towards them then suddenly he got a call from CSA, we are both sick and tired as the kids being used as a weapon he is a great dad and would do anything for his kids and because they know that they just throw the kids in his face.

At times he wants to give in but i have to remind him that it aint the kids fault its the mothers. now we are thinking of going through Children Center so he can get the chance seeing his kids without being in their house i said they as he has 2 drama of a baby mother and they driving him crazy.