Useless CSA are failing the country

September 25, 2015

I divorced ten years ago I have a daughter off 17 years who I have never seen since, mother and daughter at time wanted nothing more to do with me as my health deteriorated and couldnt work long hours, wife refused to work!

It was agreed between lawyers that if I stayed out of there lives they would leave me alone regards CSA. well been ok up until a year ago csa got in touch using threats of fear and intimidation, I told them bluntly fuck off! they tried to say that my wife had been in touch to ask for money, lies lies lies, show me the proof I say, they cant, then get a letter saying case closed may this year, rightly so says I, then in june a new csa has taken over the case accordinging to a Farooque who works there and this teenager then tells this 53 year old man I have a duty to my daughter! farooque gets told swiftly to go pleasure himself and never bother me again result is 8.40 a week taken from my disability benefit, yes after 53 years of killing myself to stay above water and pay all my bills my body finally quit, so one more hamster fell off the wheel, instead now creative ways are beeing used to extort money from my benefit, money that I need and calculated by government to exist on not live on!

appealed another word for beg the decision as farooque surprise surprise failed to do his job so now farooque is in the shit for not doing his job and now have been told I will be sent proof, they refer to my ex wife in her married name but she has now remarried , how does that work? the whole thing is an exercise to pay less benefit to a genuine claimant and put money back in government coffers, shame on you bastards the revolution will fuck you once and for all, People when have we had enough? when do we turn the tables? why are we running scared and being dictated to, world war 2 was about not being dictated too? The government is failing this country they need to go quick.